Make your cherished dream come true with AurumCrowdFunding!

Launch your project and receive 12.57 BTC each 60 days!

Project starts in:


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Simplicity and Clarity

You have no need to gather an army of partners to get your first payments – 2 people are enough to begin. This is what makes us different from other investment platforms.

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Liability and Safety

All donations have a distinct goal – financing of projects you willingly chose by yourself.
No one can take possession of your money. The platform is effectively protected from external attacks with cryptographic techniques.

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Immediacy and Regularity

Transactions within the system are made instantly – here and now – no hidden payments.
You will receive money for the implementation of your personal goals each 60 days, like clockwork.

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding («crowd», «funding») is a technique of public involvement in project financing: collective voluntary cooperation of people, who gross up their money and other recourses to help those in need, support business, events, etc. The process of fundraising is really simple and democratic; banks, stocks or venture funds don’t take part in it.

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What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin («bit», «coin») — «gold of the Internet» — electronic currency circulating on the Internet and constantly increasing price. Here are its conceptual differences from the other currencies:

  • decentralization – any bank in the world can’t dispose of your money
  • ease of use – you can create Bitcoin wallet within 5 minutes and start using it immediately – no authorization documentation, groundless refusals from the bank and additional fees
  • anonymity – your wallet is not bound to your name, address or any other private information
  • high speed of transactions – recipients get payments in a matter of minutes

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Perform your own experiment – examine the system from inside, become a part of the world trend

How does the European platform Aurum Crowdfunding work:

  • Help any member by donating only 0.01 Bitcoin from your wallet for the implementation of their dream. Note: it’s your only expense
  • Post description of your project and start sharing information with other people, friends, relatives, etc.
  • Your income will increase with an increase of number of members you invited
  • We provide all the necessary advertisement tools – landing, videos, and banners. Platform is translated into for languages for your convenience: English, Russian, German and Hungarian
  • There is a partnership program in the system performing spillovers of people, who came prior to you, or from the system itself

Yes, you will get a satisfactory income, if you will join right now and tell about Aurum Crowdfunding to people having a cherished dream, but no money for its implementation